Sanding Power


The latest evolution in sanding technology

Our new high tech performance line was innovatively designed to meet the most demanding users. Its new manufacturing process comprises both a special abrasive grain and a special lubricant layer, tailored to improve the effectiveness of each sanding process


Want to know what makes the HT Line so special? Here you can see the fundamentals of excellent performance

High Flexibility
Adaptable to curves & contoured surfaces
High initial cutting action
Rapid stock removal
Uniformity of scratch pattern
Optimum substrate preparation
High strength resin bond
Minimal grit shedding
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    one line = endless possibilities

    Our HT Line is not market specific, as it was created to bring productivity and performance to a wide range of markets

    Improve your profitability

    Suitable for Automotive Refinishing

    Master your craft

    Suitable for Wood and Furniture

    Shape your way through

    Suitable for Composites Industries

  • Efficiency


    The numbers don't lie

    Our HT Line was submitted through a comprehensive comparative analysis programme.

    See the results for yourself

    Total stock removal with P80, on filler
    High Performance

    Total stock removal with P80, on filler

    Stock removal vs time with P80, on filler
    Better Lifetime

    Stock removal vs time with P80, on filler

    Total area sanded with P1500 on new clear coat
    Better Efficiency

    Total area sanded with P1500 on new clear coat

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    Increase the performance of your work by pairing HT Line with our advanced dust free solution

    The extraction capacity of our ULTRAVENT system virtually eliminates abrasive clogging, prolongs performance and provides a clean and healthy working environment.


    Our Rhynogrip HT Line discs are available with ULTRAVENT hole configuration.



    Introducing our Rhynogrip Backing Pad ULTRAVENT Low Profile

    Featuring our unique’s ULTRAVENT extraction performance, this backing pad promotes an improved operator comfort thanks to its low-profile polyurethane layer and was specially designed for our ULTRAVENT HT Line, Plus Line and Film Line

    Take the chance to improve both performance and comfort, thanks to its core characteristics:


    • Low Profile > Optimised for operator comfort

    • Polyurethane foam and composite carbon fibre structure > The bonded structure provides excellent wear resistance and durability

    • J-Hook Grip > For optimized disc fastening

    • PVC Label > Greater resistance to machine friction

    Rhynogrip Backing Pad ULTRAVENT Low Profile GIF


    Rhynogrip HT Line

    Browse through all the characteristics of our Rhynogrip HT Line on this product sheet


    Want all of this in paper?

    We've got you covered

    HT Line Brochure