Superior Polishing Performance

Welcome to our Autogloss range

Achieve the professional flawless finish with the high-performance polishing technology from INDASA.

Discover the fully integrated polishing system that will guide you from the early steps of paint rectification to that sparkly finish that only the enhanced shine can provide.

From compounds to mops and complementary products, in this page you will be able to explore the value INDASA brings to all polishing processes.



The single stage compound you need

Fast acting liquid abrasive polishing compound for the most effective and permanent removal of P1500 sanding marks. This formula combines a rapid cutting compound with a high polishing performance for a swirl free finish.

The Autogloss Compound Plus is the only product required to bring the surface to a high gloss, flawless shine.

Compliant with all paint refinish systems, our Autogloss Compound Plus allows you to achieve that premium gloss finish in a quicker and cleaner way.

The Autogloss Compound Plus has a shelf life of 24 months and is available in 250g and 1kg bottles.


The ultimate gloss enhancer

The Autogloss High-Gloss Plus gives you the superior gloss enhancement on fresh or cured paintwork.

Achieve the professional showroom finish with its unique colour restoration features.

The high-purity aluminium oxide is a key element of this finishing compound, since it will help eliminate light scratches, swirl marks and holograms in the top coat.

With a unique formulation and an advanced polish technology, our Autogloss High-Gloss Plus helps you to avoid dusting or splatter.

The Autogloss High-Gloss Plus has a shelf life of 24 months and is available in 250g and 1kg bottles.


Unique Formulation

Experience the value of exclusivity, by applying this winning formula to your polishing process

Single stage process
Superior system efficiency to achieve gloss
Fast cutting abrasive power
Permanent removal of P1500 scratch marks
Fine cut action
Removal of fine sanding scratches and refreshing aged paintwork
  • Features & Benefits

    Our Autogloss range was developed to meet the needs of our demanding user. Discover the value they can add to your polishing process

    Reduces heat build-up
    Less swirls and holograms
    VOC Free
    Environmentally and user friendly and compliant
    No fillers
    No shrink back
    VOC Compliant
    Environmentally friendly and compliant

    Autogloss range of products

    Discover the product range of our superior polishing performance solution

    Autogloss Compound Plus

    Achieve that premium gloss finish in a quicker and cleaner way

    Autogloss High-Gloss Plus

    The ultimate gloss enhancer

    Autogloss Mop Black

    Soft density foam pad


    Paint rectification and Pre-Polishing

    Remove any imperfections in the surface by machine sanding the panel with Rhynogrip Film Line disc P1500 and an interface pad.

    Produce a smooth even finish with a matt sheen. Clean area.

    As a complementary stage in the process, Rhynocell can be used to smoothen the P1500 scratch and make polishing easier.

    • Rhynogrip Film Line P1500 Disc
    • Rhynocell MF3000 Disc
    • Polishing Backing Pad
    • Interface Pad
    • INDASA E-Series or A-Series Sander


    Process to Profit

    Being the polishing a key part of any repair process, it’s safe to say that it is a segment in which organisations seek to improve profitability. In order to help our business operator, INDASA provides on a daily basis:

    High performance abrasive systems, innovative refinish solutions, training and technical expertise to maximise workforce competence, business operational KPIs, commercial advantage, consistency through a structured repair and refinish process and a structured programme for bodyshop profitability.

    INDASA's process to profit blue logo


    Selected abrasives

    The products on our Autogloss range achieve a superior performance when paired with the following abrasives:

    Rhynogrip Film Line

    The ultimate choice for the finest micro finishing surface preparation


    Fully integrated surface finishing system

    Rhynowet Plus Line

    Cutting efficiency and a quality finish from a waterproof paper


    Complementary products

    Browse through our range of complementary products that will add value to your polishing process

    E-Series Random Orbital Sander
    Sanding power and performance
    E-Series Rotary Polisher
    The most efficient way to cut through to the shine
    Polishing Backing Pad
    Hard density polyurethane backing

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