Knowing what we want to achieve and the core competencies that need to be nurtured and developed has been central to our success. INDASA is a coated abrasives manufacturer that successfully services the most demanding surface treatment needs with a wide range of products and services, for the vast majority of international markets.

Delivering high quality products and services to our customers can only be achieved with a company culture that strives for excellence and perfection, with care and attention from each and every participant in the supply chain, in every step of the process. International quality certification is, therefore, a natural consequence of what we do on a day-to-day basis. (link to certificate)
Doing things well also means acknowledging and interacting with the environment we live, in a responsible and sustainable manner. This way of thinking is also imbedded in everything we do on day-to-day basis

Through highly competent internal resources, unique partnerships with key suppliers, universities and R&D centers, we have created a business and operating model that differentiates us from other renowned global players and which is highly valued by a fast growing number of customers worldwide.
Carefully planned research & development in several areas of the company that range from production & management processes, machinery and product development, product testing in a wide array of situations, quality control and many others, has allowed us to remain in the forefront of what the industry offers.
The most recent and largest ever investment (2013/2014) in our production plant at Aveiro, Portugal, will not only allow us to nearly double production capacity but also to remain on the technological and innovation forefront.

At INDASA, research and development is constantly fed by our customer’s suggestions and feedback, either directly (contact form) or through our highly trained sales and technical teams. Being very close to the users of our product allows us to be at technological forefront and develop innovative products, surface treatment processes and complementary services.
The final objective is "to be the best choice”, to have the best offer in terms of value for money for the market in which we operate.

Selling to more than 100 countries has only been possible due to the establishment of an international network of valuable partners that defend INDASA’s brand in every corner of the world and every year contribute with their share for our growing presence in the world. With them we have developed solutions that are adapted to the needs of each market.

We only make promises that we can keep. Our customers know and value this way of doing things. This is also the secret of being one of the most solid companies coated abrasives global market.